What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a logical, compassionate and time tested practice for bringing our individual nature into harmony with our universal nature.  Atman is defined as our individual nature while Brahman is defined as our universal nature. Think: Human Effort plus Divine Grace.

The meaning of the word Yoga, as translated from the Sanskrit, is Union – to yoke together these two vital and necessary aspects of ourselves, so our thoughts, our words and our actions are balanced, moral, loving and judicious.

Yoga is not a religion  rather it is a systematic set of lifestyle instructions that has aided humans from many cultures for thousands of years.  A primary goal of yoga is to create no suffering (ahimsa) with the ultimate goal of yoga being freedom (moksha)… freedom from our natural tendency to misinterpret reality and cause suffering for ourselves and others.

There are eight limbs, or building blocks of yoga, which form the foundation of a yoga practice. You may be familiar with the yoga poses (asanas) which are by far the most widely known aspect of a yoga practice. But just as we cannot build the first story of our home until a solid foundation has been poured, a real yoga practice consists of understanding what is necessary to live in harmony and balance in our relationship with our self and the world.

These building blocks are:
Moral and ethical disciplines for harmony and right relations between our self and others (Yama and Niyama), physical postures for strength and health (Asana), breathing exercises for vitality (Pranayama),  concentration and meditation techniques for mental and emotional stability (Dharana and Dhyana), all of which can result in the Bliss state, a fully awakened state suffused with joy (Samadhi).

If you are interested to know how you may attain a deep sense of inner confidence and joy, a strong and stable mind, physical strength and flexibility, and right relations with fellow humans, then we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about how to begin or deepen your yoga practice.

Until we meet again, know that we hold your highest interests in our heart and we are here as a source of support for you.

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Mela has an amazing way of skillfully weaving her yogic knowledge with her Ayurvedic wisdom. Her teaching envelopes you with a sweet and genuine compassion which’s leavings you feeling both invigorated and nurtured at the same time. She truly has a gift.
Lisa Haase, Regional Manager YogaWorks
Mela is a rare gem of a yoga teacher in the vast sea of trendy yoga teachers here in Los Angeles. Mela has more knowledge and passion in the art of yoga than any other teacher we have come across. Mela teaches us the true art of yoga. Yoga with Mela is an authentic, passionate experience full of celebration. Her classes are an invitation to expand your awareness with specific practices that are provocative, challenging, and enjoyable.
Jilla and Shallom, Owners Urth Caffe Los Angeles
“Mela has a beautiful and seamless way of integrating all parts of yoga into her classes, not just asana. Her obvious expertise of yoga (and Ayurveda) are second only to the passion with which she teaches them. Mela has been an inspiration to me, not only in my own practice but also in my teaching of yoga. In fact, she was also a major catalyst in my decision to become certified in Yoga Therapy Rx. I am grateful to have met Mela and proudly call her my Teacher.”
Wendy O, RYT / Yoga Therapist